Unforgettable The Magical Island, SUMBAWA

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Unforgettable The Magical Island, SUMBAWA

“it's a sprawling island with vast tracks of volcanic mountains, jagged peninsulas and idyllic, silky white sand beaches”

Sumbawa is part of Lesser Sunda Islands, in the middle of Lombok and Flores. It's part of the province of West Nusa Tenggara.There are 5 regency, west sumbawa, sumbawa, Dompu, Bima and Bima City. Sumbawa known about reveals hidden coven, deserted beaches, remote traditional village perched high in the mountains and dramatic sunsets. Sumbawa especially western coastline is made up of several tropical beaches that comprise some of the best surf spots in the world such Sekongkong beach, Rantung beach, Lawar beach, Jelangga beach and etc.

Besides that, there is a traditional sport called Karapan Sapi on Sumbawa, Buffalo races have been held here for hundreds of years and continue today. A pair of hardy buffalo are attached to a simple wooden frame with a courageous jockey on the end of it. The goal is to be the first to crash through the saka, a two-metre piece of wood placed at the finish line.

Moving on the remote traditional village. It’s Mantar Village, which is perched high on top of a mountain, overlooking the Alas Straits, which meets the Bali Sea and merges with the Flores Sea. The panorama is dominated by the mighty Mount Rinjani, the second-highest mountain in Indonesia, on the neighbouring island of Lombok. Sunset hues drape around this volcanic masterpiece like a watercolour classic. The village people breed horses, goats and cows and grow crops of cassava, corn, papaya and banana and also grow the best-quality rice crop. There are 300 families living in the village, with one mosque and 95% of the village gainfully employed in traditional farming and livestock breeding. The people are very happy and preety much live the way they always have for hundreds of years, except for a few modernisations like electricity, which came to the village in 1993.

Moreover, don’t forget to go the paradise nature island, Moyo.  It’s the choice that only still exist and will stay beautifully protected. Most of Moyo island has been a protected nature reserve since 1976, and Amanwana Bay is a marine park. The 350 km2 hilly island is heavily forested, edged with savannah lands and crunchy white coral beaches with crystal-clear azure water. There are no cars, a few dirt tracts, a handful of village.

You don’t have to go far to interact with nature, with no walled boundaries, Rusa deer are apt to wander into camp looking for food, mischievous macaque monkeys scamper along the beach in the early morning. If you’re lucky, you may observe baby turtles hatch and scramble down the beach into the water. The best time to go is from November to April, both green and hawksbill turtles lay their eggs around moyo island and the camp beach has a designated are for rescued turtle nests.

Arguably the main draw is the spectacular diving and snorkeling : Moyo’s marine and park and surrounding Flores sea offer a unique underwater experience hard to find elsewhere in the world. There is an astonishing array of dive sites rarely visited by others boats, with some of the best spots no more than a ten-minute boat ride away- stunning deep reet walls and coral cays patrolled by an amazing density of marine life and teeming with multicoloured tropical fish.

Last but not least, there are some spots famous in here, Crocodile Head and Waterfall. A half-day Waterfall excursion entails a speedboat ride to Moyo’s largest village, a drive in a vintage Japanese jeep into the island’s forest and short hike to a verdant waterfall cascading into limestone terrace pools. Strip off for refreshing dip, famously enjoyed by the late Princess Diana, when she stayed here in 1996.

And then, Crocodile Head, a rocky headland revealing unobstructed views of the sun melting into the sea. Whatever you’re doing, prime yourself for brilliant sunsets: best enjoyed at Crocodile Head or better still, a private Sunset Cruise. Post-sunset, a scarlet glow lingers around the distant Mount Rinjani. Make a plan visit Sumbawa, right !

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