Short Encounters With The Mentawai Tribe

Description :

   Location : Mentawai
   Duration : April, 20th - 24th 2017
   Price : Call


Arrive in Minangkabau International Airport, Padang as Meeting Point On 9 PM Maximum. Drive to Hotel and stay night in here.

Day 2: Padang - Muara Siberut-Mentawai Village

In early morning breakfast and drive to harbor for morning cruise to Siberut at 7 AM and arrive in Siberut at 1 PM, stop by in Siberut in Conservation Office for coffee or tea while we prepare all the logistic, Then take a Small motorized canoe and walk in the muddy jungle To reach the Mentawai village (few hours, depend on The level of The river) Around  5  PM/before  dark  you’ll  arrive  in  the  Village,  Welcoming
Ceremonies in night after dinner till midnight  as you can start your encounters with the mentawai here with freely chat & Sleep under mosqitous nets in Uma.


During  these  days,  you’ll  live  as  a  Mentawai  by  experience  some mentawai daily activities, start your day with shower in the river which will get you fresh for the whole days, see the proceed to make mentawai traditional poison, try their poison arrows, hunt sago worm and medicine leaf in the jungle with them, catch fish in the river and watch them singing and dance to you before sleep. FREE PHOTOGRAPHY you will live as a Mentawai, shower in the river, sleep on the floor with your
sleeping bag under mosqitos net, eat with them, share and communicate with them

Day 4:  FULL MENTAWAI RITUAL, from Morning-Night

Spend last moment with the Mentawai with looks around anothers Village with short trekking and canoeing to the last mentawai village with possible you to see and meet more mentawai in their village even sometime drive you to meet some ceremonies held in the others village, after lunch prepare all your bag to cruise back to Siberut to catch night ferry boat back to Padang at around 7 pm. Overnight On board and dinner.

Day 5: Padang and good bye

Arrive in Padang early morning around 6. Breakfast in restaurant on The way to Airport. Continue to your NEXT destination.


# TO DO :

1. Drinking anti malaria drug, at least 2 weeks before departure. Repeat every week on the same day during your trip. 2. tablets per week after meals, is sufficient to prevent Malaria parasites develop in your body. Continue this dose upon arrival at home, up to 4 weeks after your return home. These tablets are sold freely in pharmacies. The drug is widely available in pharmacies with a variety    of    brands    recommendation:    Malarone,    Cloroquin, Docycyclin, Pills Kina, Recocin-bayern.


2. Always Bring A Cash, along the journey difficult ATM machines meet so bring enough cash but in Siberut you still can found BRI,NAGARI BANK but in Padang city All Bank available.


3. Prepare a budget to your own Snack, buy mentawai souvenirs, and     local cigarettes and candy for Mentawai and the children. 



-    Backpack and not suitcase

-    Light trekking shoes and flip-flop

-    Raincoat

-    Mattress/Sleeping bag if you need little bit more confort

-    Blanket or Sarong

-    Easy dry clothes

-    Hat

-    Sunglasses and sunblock

-    Personal medication and malaria tablet

-    Insects repellent

The Condition In Field :

A moderate level of fitness is required for the trekking, the way can be slippery and muddy. Spending the rest of the day in the Mentawai Traditional house called “Uma”, to know more the family who welcomed
you.  The  conditions  are  very  basics,  you  sleep  on  the  floor  with mosquitos net  and thin  mattress and have shower In the river. But you will live a unique experience by sharing your difference and learn about a new culture in the jungle. The Mentawai live in total harmony with the nature, and are animists.


Meeting point at Minangkabau Airport on April 1 max at 6 PM End All Services Will Be In Minangkabau Airport on April 5 around 10 AM (depend the Boat from Siberut arrive in Padang).