The Legend Of Baliem Valley Festival, 2020

Description :

   Location : Baliem Valley Papua
   Duration : August 06th - 11th 2020
   Price : Call

The main tribes inhabiting the beautiful Baliem Valley in the central highlands of Papua are the Dani, the Yali and the Lani. Although now modernized, the Dani still strongly adhere to their traditions and customs, most notably the dress of the men. Even in this cool mountain climate, men wear only a penis gourd, known as koteka, though complemented with elaborate headdress of bird of paradise or cassowary feathers, while the women wear grass or fern fiber skirts (sali or saly) slung around the waist. And to carry pigs or the harvest of sweet potatoes, women carry a string bag, called noken, slung from their forehead. 

To defend their villages or to raid others to avenge for tribe members killed, the Dani practiced regular warfare. However, anthropologists note that the “Dani wars” are more a display of prowess and opulence of dress and decoration rather than an all out war to kill the enemy. Dani warfare displays competence and exuberance, rather than the wish to kill. Weapons used are long spears, measuring 4.5 meters, and bows and arrows. Most often, therefore, there are more wounded than killed, and the wounded are quickly carried off the field.  

Nowadays, Dani mock battles are held yearly at the Baliem Valley Festival in Wamena during the month of August. At this feast, which has as its highlight the mock battles among the tribes, the Dani, Yali, and Lani send their best warriors to the arena, wearing their best regalia. The festival is complemented with a Pig Feast, Earth cooking and traditional music and dance. There are also arts and crafts exhibited or for sale.Each tribe will come with their own identity, and one can see clear differences among them and identify tribes according to their costume especially the penis gourds each wears. The Dani men usually wear only a small koteka (penis gourd / penis cover), while the Lani tribesmen wear larger koteka’s, since their bodies are bigger than the average Dani, while the Yali wear long slender kotekas held by a rattan belt, strapped at the waist.  

By attending the massive Baliem Valley Festival, visitors will have a rare chance to learn and experience firsthand the different traditions of each tribe participating in the Festival without having to make the difficult trek to their compounds deep in the hinterland of West Papua.  

D1/August 5: Depart from your home Base Airport with Night Flight to Jayapura

D2/August 6: Arrival in Sentani, Directly check in Hotel and Explore Lake Sentani and catcth Sunset 

D3/August 7:  Check out Hotel and Fly to Wamena with first flight, check in hotel and city tour around Wamena city… will visit Mummy Village – Local Market and Dani village 

D4/August 8 : After Breakfast, Visit village with Tribal Ritual ceremonies will waiting for you with special setting. 

D5/August 9: Festival Day

D6/August 10: Festival Day

D7/August 11: Catch the Sunrise in the Highlanderland, Breakfast at the hotel and check out then transfer to the airport to another destination. END OF PROGRAM.  

• Trip Cost ( For Indonesian ONLY)

  • From Jayapura Rp: 12.000.000 (If 6 – 15 pax)
  • From Jakarta    Rp. 18.000.000 (If 6 – 15pax)   

( For NON Indonesian, KITAS & NON KITAS Holders):

  • From Jayapura : Rp 13.500.000 (if 6 – 15 pax)
  • From Jakarta    : Rp. 20.500.000 (if 6 – 15 pax) 

- This Price will increase IF the participants less 6 pax  

* INCLUDING : Local Flight Jayapura - Wamena (return), Airport Tax, Travel Insurance, Trip Program, all Permit, Special Permit Assistance for Foreigner, All Entrance Tickets, Donation, In Land Transportation, Accommodation, Meals and drink, Tour Leader, Full Tribal Setting Ceremonies.  

* EXCLUDE : Domestic Flight From Homebase, Photography Fee, Over Luggage, Meals in Airport, Tipping and all the personal needs.

• REGISTRATION :  August 15  2019 – March 2020   

* Available Seat is LIMITED : Min. 10 Pax, Max : 15 Pax  


  • @Soekarno Hatta Airport, Jakarta on August 5th 2020 on 9 PM (WIB)
  • @ Sentani Airport. Jayapura  on August 6th 2020 on 7AM (WITA)  


August 4th with Night Flight, please info your flight details from your home base/country base. 



** CANCELLATION : Remind that your name will go fixed for ticket, travel insurance, accommodation, transportation and more at least 4 (four) week before the D date. For cancellation with any reason will charge as a follow :

  • Less than 30 Days from D Date : 30 %
  • Less than 20 Days from D Date: 50 % .
  • Less than 7 Days from the D Date: 100%  


1. Drinking anti-malaria drug, at least 2 weeks before departure. Repeat every week on the same day during your trip. 2 tablets per week after meals, is sufficient to prevent Malaria parasites develop in your body. Continue this dose upon arrival at home, up to 4 weeks after your return home. These tablets are sold freely in pharmacies. The drug is widely available in pharmacies with a variety of brands, recommendation: Malarone, Cloroquin, Docycyclin, Pills Kina, Recocin-bayern.  

2. Always Bring A Cash, along the journey difficult ATM machines meet so bring enough cash but in Sentani you still can found BCA, Mandiri & BRI but in Wamena city only Mandiri and BRI available.  

3. In Sentani OR Jayapura, you can easily found Batik Papua warehouse and others Papua Souvenir such as carvings and paintings made of wood that high art so prepare the budget to buy this one. 

4. Prepare a budget for each of your photo shooting session, because here photographing must pay (especially in the Wamena region). Ask for permission in advance to anyone who you wants take for your pictures, if he asked for some money ask first how much he asked for. Usually Photographed Rates for everyone here ranges from 10000 per person for one snap only. So be careful taking pictures there, especially in traditional villages visited. And to issue and photographing hundreds of years old mummy, you have to pay 150,000 to 200,000 rupiah. Unlike in the Festival, here you can take pictures a little free, do not have to pay them (excl they asked it ) but be prepared candy/lollipop (for kids) and cigarettes as much as possible. So, exchanged, and prepare a small fraction of money before your departure.  

5. For Non Indonesia, send a copy of your passport, passport photo and Indonesia Work Permits (If you have) to the Organizer in advance before the day of departure. Because we need to prepare special permit for your visit in Papua, please bring your passport and travel along this trip. Never left at your hotel. (It takes a special permit from the Police Office in Jayapura for Foreign Tourists remind of strong political factors are still exist in here)  


  1. Backpack/Cariel 40 L – 60 L/Travel Bag
  2. Cloth For 6 Day
  3. Short pant Min. 2
  4. Long Pant Min 2
  5. Sweather/ jacket 1
  6. Towel 
  7. Sun Blok 1 btl
  8. sunglass 
  9. Hat 
  10. Sandal 
  11. Camera 
  12. Raincoat/Umbrella 
  13. Shoes 1 Soft/hard soles
  14. Shower Gear 1 packet
  15. Private Medicine 1 Packet + Malaria Pills
  16. Mosquito Spray

* Conditions in the Field :

  1. Sentani and Wamena town is a small town that does not have many accommodation options, especially when the festival took place sometimes difficult to find a hotel room, for it did eventually pay your Down Payment. Not much Star Hotel Accommodation, only standard Hotel but clean and relatively comfortable & Safe for the Rest. (except. In Jayapura city).  
  2. Toilet conditions, along the way to Festival and in the Traditional village,its hard to found clean toilet(sometime),we Suggest for women do not forget to always be ready Tissue in your bag.  
  3. Remind tourist sites and event we will visit are very influential with the weather factors that exist, then we beg to remind each other cooperation and maintain.  
  4. Throughout the festival takes place, we'll give you the freedom to exploration the festival with free. Please keep all your luggage each and remember where the meeting point set by the organizers to meet up with your group